7th Total Security Conference

Conquering the Evolution of Cyber-Attacks: Mastering Prevention, Detection and Response to Ensure Business Continuity

8 July 2021


Hong Kong

Total Security Conference Hong Kong 2021

Conquering the Evolution of Cyber-Attacks: Mastering Prevention, Detection and Response to Ensure Business Continuity

8 July 2021, Hong Kong

"Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) make coming malware more destructive and evasive. Organisations should review their cyber security measures and catch up with the latest security solutions to leverage AI and ML instead of being victimised by the technologies."

-- GovCERT Cyber Security Threat Trends 2019-M11

Cyber-attacks, enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, have become noticeably more advanced, complexed, and evasive in the past year. With traditional rule- and pattern-based security rendered ineffective and 5G networks enhancing speed of attacks, incidents are inevitable.

Aiming for timely responses and business continuity, security professionals are exploring the latest countermeasures, with focuses on multi-layer defense, security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), and resiliency.

Industries with heavy reliance on service providers are also increasingly scrutinizing and monitoring the security practices of their third-party partners to minimize outsourcing risks.

Heightened security awareness, regulatory requirements and high-profile incidents have escalated cybersecurity to the board level, which is a welcomed success for the security community. Nonetheless, masterfully securing adequate investments and quantifying investment returns remain work-in-progress for most.

Questex Asia’s Total Security Conference 2020 in Hong Kong will serve as the ideal platform for CISOs, Heads of IT, Heads of Security and Regulators to explore strategies and tactics in a fast-paced, complicated, and evolving security landscape.

Key topics discussed in 2020 to enhance your security strategies:

  • Visualizing security landscape to identify real threats
  • Orchestrating security eco-system from multiple technology tools for improved defense efficiency
  • Automating detection and response to combat increasingly complexed and speedy attacks
  • Analyzing user behaviors to distinguish evasive attacks
  • Enhancing oversights on third party vendors to minimize outsourcing risks
  • Ensuring resiliency through establishing recovery and response plans
  • Presenting business cases for security investments at board level

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